Sara J. Demetry, MSW, LICSW - Certified in EMDR and Internal Family Systems
Motto:  "All Parts are welcome" - there is nothing within you that we can't invite and explore with compassion and curiosity

Counseling and Psychotherapy:

As a therapist, my intention is to empower you to be active in your own healing process and to move out of stuck places. My belief is that healing comes not from outside but from within ourselves from a deep place we all have inside that is untouched by trauma or life experiences.

My intention is that the work we do together brings you into a clearer and more compassionate relationship with your Self and that this process transforms and heals your interpersonal relationships and experience in the larger world.The word I use for this is "Self Leadership";  a process of learning to live your life from your most centered place.

Mindfulness provides a simple but powerful route for getting ourselves unstuck, back into touch with our own wisdom and vitality. It is a way to take charge of the direction and quality of our lives, including our relationships within the family, our relationship to work and to the larger world and planet, and, most fundamentally, our relationship with ourself as a person." 
- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Client testimonials:

"Years of therapy helped me to a certain point, but this way of working takes it to the healing level. A place I can visit anytime I want. It's comforting to know you can comfort yourself through communication with your Self." -anonymous

"This process we've engaged in is the most successful treatment I've been in." - anonymous

"Internal Family Systems is the therapy that has worked for me... I've never before had the breakthroughs that I've had here." - anonymous

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